The Tokens

10393876_292201184305495_430000827718169689_nThe tokens presented to the five who are being recognised for their outstanding achievements are 3-D renditions of the SAA logo – an inverted ‘A’. This signals ‘Advocacy’ as well as the idea of the ‘tipping point’, which is commonly defined as ‘a point in time when a group —or a large number of group members— rapidly and dramatically changes its behaviour by widely adopting a previously rare practice’.

Significantly, the tokens were conceptualised and made by members of civil society: Zulkarnaen Othman@ZERO from RSCLS with Down Syndrome Associations’ Drama Group led by Jean Ng and Julius Foo; the sewing group of HOME; and Mr Thomas Lim and Ms Paula Ng from The Necessary Stage’s Theatre for Seniors.

Artist Profiles and Statements

“Community work is fulfilling, enriching and motivating. It is a life-long contribution that improves oneself and brings more meaning to one’s life.”

– Paula Ng (Theatre for Seniors)

“When faced with challenges and difficulties, remain calm and firm. Accept the situation and spring back, like a new season. We always start with spring!”

– Thomas Lim (Theatre for Seniors)

“We are talented, patient and artistic. We are happy as we sew together and we are proud of our colourful work. Above all, we seek respect for the work that we do.”

– Lea, Jinky, Thin Thin Maw, Than Than Myint, Than Than Soe and Aye Myat Mon (HOME Sewing Group)

“To rock, to dance and to be happy!”

– DSA Drama Group

Zulkarnaen Othman@ZERO is the founder of RSCLS, an urban artist collective and a recipient of NAC’s Young Artist Award 2013. His work revolves around street culture, pop culture and current affairs; creating a dialogue and commentary on urban landscape and society.

The DSA Drama Group was formed by the Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) on 2002. Guided by Jean Ng and Julius Foo, the group trains weekly and performs regularly. It will perform Into the Wild with Theatre HORA on 19-20 September as part of the Singapore International Festival of the Arts.

The Sewing Group of HOME was set up in 2011. They are foreign domestic workers awaiting employment dispute settlements residing at the HOME Shelter. The Sewing Group welcomes the chance to build confidence and receive proceeds from sewing buntings available at

Theatre for Seniors was started by The Necessary Stage in April 2008. Theatre for Seniors involves senior citizens trained by professional theatre practitioners in theatre making skills. They devised a forum piece Take Me or Leave Me for this year’s M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.