The Online Citizen

The Online Citizen

2015 Civil Society Advocate Organisation of the Year

The Civil Society Advocacy Organisation of the Year has expanded the alternative space for all Singaporeans to engage in knowing, discussing and debating sensitive political and social issues of the day. These include everything from migrant worker rights to issues of conservation and redevelopment to population, healthcare, public housing, public transport, education, the CPF, elections, and issues relating to crime and the law.

The Online Citizen does this by its business of providing coverage and commentary of these issues from viewpoints that differ significantly from the mainstream media. However, it goes one step further. It also conducts its own investigative reporting. The result is a consistent production of hard-hitting and thought-provoking pieces about Singapore society and politics that no other news site in Singapore is able to replicate. It is today Singapore’s online independent news source of record.

In encouraging citizens to think actively about our polity and society from different perspectives, the Online Citizen helps to encourage the development of the active, thoughtful citizenry that a mature Singapore polity deserves.

This has led Singaporeans to see information from official sources and establishment media with more critical distance and healthy scepticism. This has further enabled Singaporeans as individuals or as organised groups of activists to push official agencies and establishment media for fuller disclosure and more transparency.

More and better quality information about policies, social developments, politics, and even history encourages a more empowered and engaged citizenry that is more ready to take responsibility in overseeing and shaping governance. This can only be good for Singapore.