Remy Choo Zheng Xi

Remy Choo Zheng Xi

2015 Civil Society Advocate of the Year

Our civil society advocate of the year is not yet 30 years old, but has already lived 10 years of those in civil society.

His call to activism came in the first year of his undergraduate law study. After the 2006 General Elections, the simple website he started back then has become the longest surviving independent political news platform in Singapore.

Upon launching his legal career, Zheng Xi has chosen to take on a slew of politically sensitive cases such as defending Alex Au on charges of contempt of Court, defending the editors of TRS on sedition charges and taking up the 377A Constitutional challenge.

Zheng Xi is today the youngest and most recognisable face of public interest litigation. Due to this youth, he has re-energised and re-branded a field of legal practice which was previously considered “dangerous” and “unpopular”. Further, Zheng Xi has inspired other young people to consider public interest litigation as a viable career such as prominent anti-death penalty activists Damien Chng and Priscilla Chia.

Outside of practice, Zheng Xi is part of the Steering Committee of Project 50/100, an alternative set of projects which aims to highlight narratives which would not otherwise see light of day in the state-directed storyboard of SG 50.

Zheng Xi has not been left unaffected by the advocacy work that he does: he is named in the MINDEF harassment lawsuit as a defendant for being one of the editors of TOC. And yet, he continues.