Dr. Imran bin Tajudeen

Dr. Imran bin Tajudeen

2015 Most Promising New Civil Society Advocate of the Year

Our most promising new civil society advocate of the year is an exciting new voice in imagining Singapore’s cultural and social heritage beyond defined racial lines.

Dr Imran bin Tajudeen is known since 2012/ 2013 for his ground-breaking public awareness campaign on the historical significance of the Jalan Kubor Cemetery and its surrounding. He did this through a number of media interviews, public talks and research on the Kampong Glam area beyond the Conservation District boundaries. Over time, his efforts and those of his volunteers to document Jalan Kubor attracted the interest of National Heritage Board and other agencies to lend their support.

Dr Imran’s advocacy work went beyond the Jalan Kubor project. He also raised awareness on other issues

1. For integrating Malay local history and heritage into the wider imagination of “Singapore”, revealing a much deeper inter-connectedness, diversity and multi- cultural beginnings of Singapore’s past

2. The problems of racialised representation along CMIO lines in Singapore’s multi- cultural urban context especially for areas labelled Chinatown and Kampong Glam

3. Understanding the multi-cultural elements of the Geylang Serai area beyond the constructed narrative of a racial enclave.

Significantly, Dr Imran founded the Singapura Stories website from July 2012. The site has since become a reference point for history of neighbourhoods in Singapore Town, Malay settlements, kampungs and other related heritage stories.