2015 Judging Criteria and Guidelines


A. Impact (40%)

This measures the impact that nominees have on society. Impact can be assessed through the following sub-criteria:

  1. Success in raising awareness on issues to the general public
  2. Managed to influence policy-making at the national level
  3. Generated a shift in public attitude
  4. Contributed towards the vibrancy of civil society

B. Engagement (30%)

This measures the ways in which nominees engaged with various sectors of society. This engagement can be assessed through the following sub-criteria:

  1. Creative and innovative public education
  2. Focused and targeted approaches
  3. Strong media relations and communication
  4. Relationship with wide spectrum of stakeholders (e.g. educators, media personnel, policymakers, politicians, law-makers, activists, etc)

C. Empowerment (30%)

This measures the degree of success that nominees have in empowering stakeholders towards making a change. Empowerment can be assessed through the following:

  1. Ability to generate ownership to an issue/struggle within individuals, groups and relevant agencies
  2. Strength in mobilizing individuals and groups towards collective action
  3. Display of courage in raising problems and challenging conventions
  4. Provide an inspiration to others to take up the cause