The Award

An annual award which recognises, affirms and celebrates civil society (organisations/individuals) for its outstanding initiative(s) and positive impact on integration, diversity, solidarity, tolerance and awareness in Singapore.


Civil society has a pivotal role to play in the development of a democratic society. Citizens must be able to play a part in the shaping of their community. There must be space for varying visions of the future, for vigorous debate of these different approaches and for continued discussion after a decision had been made and public policies put in place. This participation by citizens is a crucial element of democracy. The Singapore Advocacy Awards seeks to recognise each year those who have most contributed to this process.

Key Objectives

  • Raise the public image of civil society efforts and contributions by focusing public attention on the positive aspects of civil society activism.
  • Work towards the public recognition of activists and organisations working to promote human rights, social justice, freedom of expression and civic responsibilities and obligations.
  • Reward excellence in civil society initiatives and activists who have enriched society by their initiatives, their commitment, vigour and outstanding contributions towards the social, political, cultural and economic lives of Singaporeans.

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